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Attyflin, Co. Limerick, Ireland
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About the Attyfin Estate

The Attyflin Estate near Patrickswell, Co. Limerick is set on over 250 acres and boasts a rich food production heritage and a colourful history that stretches back over a millennium.

The Estate has perhaps been best known through the centuries for its historic associations with prominent Irish and Ango-Irish family dynasties such as the O’Briens and Westropps.

The name ‘Attyflin’, as directly linked to the House and Estate, originates from the mid 16th century. In 1540, one of the O’Briens (Flann) is reputed to have had a residence and castle at the site, giving rise to the name Attyflin – in Irish ‘Ait Ti Flainn’, or ‘the site of Flann’s house’.

Attyflin has a proud record in agri-business for well over 500 years. Quality fruit, vegetables, cereal, beef and lamb were produced on the Estate by various proprietors over that period.

Purchased in 2002 by the O’Connell family, Attyflin Estate today is poised to enter a new, and exciting, phase of development.  Post motorway in 2002 over 40,000 hardwood trees were planted, which will slowly return the Estate to its former glory.

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