The Source of Fine
Natural Food Produce
Attyflin, Co. Limerick, Ireland
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IFA visit Attyflin

IFA visit Attyflin

Pictured are Brian O’Connell, Elaine Farrell (IFA) and Patrick Farrell (IFA). Click on image for larger view.

Ireland has the potential to scale up and rekindle its apple industry. 

There are a number of proven apple growers in Ireland such as Con Trass nr. Clonmel, Co. Tipperary (

The industry is scalable but it needs to be done on a cluster basis, best emanated on a small co-operative such as the Regions in Europe, particularly in Northern Italy, i.e. the South Tyrol Region.

With the support of Government and the various agencies in Ireland, a leadership role from the IFA could create a change in the approach of how best we could capitalise on this and a number of growers could be identified to commence, on a pilot basis, over the next three years.